About DVN

DVN Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (formally known as Apple Electricals) is a premier company that provides end-to-end Solar Energy solutions, electrical networking, electrical erection, and installation work since 2009. We undertake electrical projects of various sizes for a broad range of clients and industries. We are recognized as an “EA Grade” (EA-2922) Electrical Contractor and Consultant by the Tamil Nadu Electrical Licensing Board.

DVN Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (formally known as Apple Electricals) embodies the principle that good quality service and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Our commitment to providing quality service is reflected in the high standard of electrical products that we supply, and, in the safety and robustness of electrical and solar installations that we erect. Our unmatched expertise and technical know-how help us to understand customer requirements and allow us to deliver solutions that meet client requirements.

Our Vision
We are committed to working towards the unlimited satisfaction of our clients by using products of the highest quality in all our projects and providing service that excels the expectations of our clients. Through this, we aim to be worthy partners to our clients.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide a rewarding work environment to our employees and make them partners in our growth. Our employees are our greatest asset. We believe that hiring the best talent and nurturing them gives us a unique competitive advantage that is critical to our on going success.

Milestones Reached

The diversity of our work is a testimony to our experience and expertise. Here is a quick look at our accomplishments

0 Bank branches

0 ATMs

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0 Solar power plants

Our Values

We believe in climbing a steady path to success, with discipline and hard work. We intend to make ourselves valuable to our clients by consistently providing them with excellent and cost-effective service.


“Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.”

– Gustave Flaubert


DVN Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (formally known as Apple Electricals) is a certified “EA” Grade (EA-2922) company recognized by the Tamil Nadu Electrical Licensing Board, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

We are also a member of the prestigious Tamil Nadu Electrical Installation Engineers Association (A – Grade) and the Philips Achievers Club.


We are an A-grade electrical firm with the necessary expertise to guide technically proficient engineers in executing challenging projects. Our work includes solar power plant installations and corporate energy audits, which give our employees ample scope for professional growth.

Health and Safety Policy

We have a well-structured health and safety policy on par with the best in the industry. All equipment we use conform to accepted standards of quality and performance. To meet unforeseen incidents, we have first-aid arrangements to administer immediate first aid in case of site injuries. We also provide insurance policy with accident coverage for our employees.

Awards and Recognition

We are an active member of Rotary International (Rotary Club of Karur Texcity), BNI Karur Gems through which we participate in several noteworthy social causes.